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To book rooms you must register once. Please use your full name with which you have received the access authorization (e.g. check photo 1), so that we can assign and activate you.

New registered users have to be activated manually once. This may take 1-2 days.

If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to

Adherence to the workshop regulations is a prerequisite for the use of the laboratories or the studio.

The Photography Lab is the competence center for photography at the Institute of Fine Arts. In addition to our teaching activities and the lab’s own projects, we are happy to accompany and support other projects of the academy and those of students in their realization within the framework of their studies. For this purpose we invite you to contact us.

Experience has shown that an initial contact with a description of the project by e-mail is a good start, in order to plan further steps and dates at subsequent meetings. In consideration of the Soundlabor and the Department of Art and Photography, with which we share an office, and because of the cramped conditions there, we ask that you limit yourself to our official office hours. A prior registration and confirmation by mail is therefore also a prerequisite.

Office hours:

Magdalena Blaszczuk: every Tuesday 10 to 11 a.m. – Mail:

Gerd Hasler: every Monday 11 to 12 o’clock – Mail:

Thomas Freiler: every Tuesday 13:00 to 14:00 – Mailkontakt:


In the analog section, large format Sinar cameras (2 of them, Sinar f2: 4×5 inches and a Sinar p2 8×10 inches) with extensive equipment are available. The cameras are supplemented by the possibility of b/w film development up to the format of 4×5 inches and by color as well as b/w enlargers up to the format of 8×10 inches.

For digitization, the digital laboratory is equipped with three flatbed scanners (Canon 9950, Epson 750, Microtec 10000plus) and the high-performance Imacon 848 scanner.

For digital photography in the lab, there is a Hasselblad and a view camera from Arca Swiss and matching digital backs from Phase One. The digital lab has excellent image processing capabilities with calibrated monitors and offers end-to-end color management from capture or digitization to printing on a Canon ipf Prograph 9400 photo printer.

The analog photo lab consists of three darkrooms, one of which is reserved for supervised classes, while the other two can also be used for independent work by authorized students.

B/W film development and enlargements are possible during the lecture period and additionally from mid-September to the beginning of October, depending on the opening hours of the Atelierhaus in the Lehargasse.

Color enlargements at announced collection dates.

A studio of about 120m2 is available for photography of various kinds with flash.

Spatially, the laboratory for photography thus consists of the darkrooms of the photo laboratory, the digital laboratory and the photo studio.

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